Love Letter to Finn

{I was inspired by my friend Shana doting on her adorable newborn son, so here is my first love letter to my little guy.}

Dear Finn,

I love the way your 4th toe is longer than all the rest of your toes.

I love your high-pitched, girly scream (can’t imagine where you learned it).

I love your steady, sleepy groan as you valiantly fight off an impending nap.

I love that you are tall, dark, and handsome (even though your name means small, blond soldier).

I wonder if the way you entered this world will be any indication of your personality (totally independent, no one even around to “catch” you).

I love how you’ve figured your sisters out…”touchy sissy” comes close and you flinch with a smile (she likes to be really close) and “chatty sissy” is always up for a conversation.

I love how you absolutely adore your daddy, it’s sheer entertainment how much you two love each other.

I love your strong, masculine hands and how you are intensely fascinated with them…how you stare and slowly turn and wiggle your fingers. It’s as if you know they are intricate tools you will use to build with, fight with, love with, create with, comfort with, and hopefully, one day, pen a love letter to your mama with.

I adore your boyish grin….part mischievous but completely captivating. When you smile you look like your Papa. I can only imagine the adventures that await you two.

I’ve spent the last 5 and a half months studying one feature that I’m certain a lifetime won’t be long enough to analyze…your big, deep, brown eyes. I dream of the days they beam with excitement and wonder, and dread the days they mask doubt and fear. I know there will be moments I’ll wipe tears of defeat from them, but I also know there’ll be moments of uncontainable, immeasurable confidence, joy, and hope.

Eternity has an enchanting role to play out….watch, wonder, dream, participate, and believe, my son.


5 thoughts on “Love Letter to Finn

  1. well said. your words paint such a vivid picture of Finn. Even tho I have never met him, your words have given me a sweet impression of him. made me tear up! i love hearing moms express their love of the little things that make their kids irreplaceable, totally blessed me!

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