La Petite Issue 3

It’s been so fun working with Rachelle Francey from Kenziepoo on the past 3 issues of La Petite Magazine!  I do a bit of copy writing (including the Letter from the Editors) and editing.  I love this issue’s stylish playfulness…it makes me want to be a kid again!


One thought on “La Petite Issue 3

  1. LouLou had a charmed experience on set with Sarah, her skillful photography, talent and easy going charm, she captured all the girls so perfectly, we appreciate that day considering it one rare opportunity, thank you very much. My husband, hairstylist Jehr Schiavo usually cuts exclusively women, we both found La Petite Mag superbly done, Jehr said he’d jump at the chance creating your private avant garde jehrcut for children line, if you with Rachel would consider entertaining such an absurd, yet timely idea. Please let me know if collaborating on this or another similar project holds your interest, our next Los Angeles engagement is Friday February 25th alongside that weekend. Dying ta meet cha, Best Wishes, Jeanette

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