I thought I would share a bit of writing I did in December that I was asked to do for my church, Capital Christian Center.  We were exploring miraculous birth narratives throughout the Bible in a series called, “Miraculous”, and I was given the challenge of writing a contemporary voice for 3 supernatural stories…those of Sarah, Hannah, and Rachel.  These are short narratives from their perspective on the miracle of life they fought for and ultimately experienced. I really loved studying these strong women and learned so much from their faith during this assignment.


{adapted from Genesis 21}

Is anything too hard for the Lord? I’ve waited 90 years for the promise, for what I know I was created for.  I watched and waited as I saw sisters and servants receive their promise, the gift of a child.  I saw the fulfillment in their eyes as the vacancy of their arms disappeared.  I observed the joy in their hearts as they were assured, through a child, the legacy and lineage of their family would bless the earth.  As their bellies swelled and their faces glowed with expectancy, my heart sank another fathom into the depths of bitterness and doubt.  Had God forgotten me?  Was I not worthy of this blessing?  What had I done wrong?  I served my husband and house with undying effort.  I followed the direction of the Lord with sheer obedience.  I did everything in my power to prove my worthiness, to prove my right to motherhood.

90 years and now I know…it isn’t a right, it’s a blessing.  My Lord doesn’t owe me anything.  He is not obligated, but lovingly chooses to bless me with the lifelong desire of my heart.  My old age, the laws of biology, and even my lack of faith cannot hold back the hand of God.  Because nothing is too hard for the Lord!

90 years of waiting, trusting, and hoping…and my arms will no longer be vacant, my heart no longer empty, my faith no longer small…I will stare into the face of my newborn son, the fulfillment of my joy, and the MIRACULOUS promise of God!

{view on video at http://www.capitalchristian.com}



{adapted from 1 Samuel 1-2}

I’ve known great pain…the deepest of sorrow…and the distance of God.  The words of others have taunted my soul into dark despair.  I’ve been consumed by deafening silence and known only the constant reminder of my barren state.  But still….I prayed.  I cried out to the Creator, the very one who shut my womb.  Who am I to attempt to understand His ways?  I was desperate, not for an answer, but only for His presence.

And He answered…

Nothing and no one is Holy like God…He puts poor people on their feet again;
he rekindles burned-out lives with fresh hope,
Restoring dignity and respect to their lives…He will choose who He gives life to.  He will have His way.  And He chose me…




{adapted from Genesis 30}


My heart was won by the persistence of true love.  In the 14 years that my husband worked for my hand, my heart was trained to persist for the things that matter the most.  To believe for, cry out for, and wait for the plan and promise of God.  The endurance of my faith was tested as days strung into weeks, and weeks piled up into years.

My impatience led me to think I could manipulate, or at least help out, the hand of God.

Deception didn’t produce the promise of a son….
Manipulation didn’t produce the promise of a son…
Persistence didn’t produce the promise of a son…

God’s blessing is interwoven perfectly into the tapestry of His timetable…His plan…His will


4 thoughts on “Miraculous

  1. please write a book!!! for crying out loud this is too good not to let the world see. your are such a gifted writer, I completely felt the emotion and passion of these women.

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