Big Ten of 2010-for the Lee’s

{in chronological order}

Please note, these are 10 of the big moments of the year for us, but are not necessarily the most significant.  I’m a fan of those seemingly insignificant but memorable moments (like group hugs, bedtime tickles, and games of hide & seek, etc.).  But if you’d like to hear about those, you’ll just have to follow me on twitter (@jennlee22).

#10.  Ellie trying out cheerleading.  Her natural peppy personality, really cute/blonde ponytail, and addictive enthusiasm made it apparent that this was her “thing”!

#9.  Trip to Walgreens to purchase pregnancy test.  Home to take test.  And we have a winner winner chicken dinner!  Baby Lee #3 is in the oven!

#8.  3 glorious days at the Happiest Place on Earth.

#7.  Kicking off the summer with camping & fishing.

#6.  Summer equals swimming, tubing, roller coasters, and more swimming!

#5.  Waiting, and waiting, and waiting for baby brother!

#4.  Ellie starting 1st grade!

#3.  Ellie turning 6, Olivia turning 3, Jenn turning 30, and Mike turning 32!




#2.  Lots o’ blue & orange…

#1.  Welcome to the world, Mr. Finn Samuel Sebastian Lee!  You are the perfect addition to our family.


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