being home {thanksgiving thoughts}

Prodigal Son by Nigel Cox

Turkey.fat pants.tryptophan-induced…Thanksgiving is so many things to so many people.  To me, this year, it is home.

Millions of people will brave airport security, full body scans and pat downs, and crazy weather just to be home for the holidays.  My husband, my newborn, and I are traveling on an ice river of freeway for a 3 hour tour to make it home for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  So what exactly is it that makes us desperate for home during the holidays?

Forgive me if I sound like a Hallmark card or a sugary-sweet John Denver song, but home is so much more than the house you grew up in, the town of your childhood, the familiar scenery of yonder years, or the nostaligia that fuels your fondest memories.  Home is the arms of those that love you unfairly, unfailingly, and give you courage to live out your adventures.

The classic example of this love is the father of the prodigal son in the story Jesus tells his disciples in Luke 15.  The son looses all courage & purpose, and the only thing he knows is to return home.  The father not only welcomes him, but loves him completely unfairly, and throws a big party with turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie (ok, I guess it was actually a fattened calf…guess I’ve got turkey on the brain).  The brilliance of this story lies in the arms of the Storyteller…Jesus.  He was “home” for the disciples, the one who loved them unfairly, unfailingly…and believed in them.

Thinking of how blessed I am to have a home to return to and find courage, to have a family that loves me unfairly and believes in me….makes my heart break like a fallen icicle for those that don’t.  For those that have broken homes, or no home to return to…for the “homeless”.  Maybe that’s you.  My home isn’t perfect, I’m not perfect.  And it makes me long to know, even more, that love of the Storyteller that makes absolutely no sense.

My challenge to myself this holiday season…Know & embrace the unfair love of the Storyteller so I can “be home” to my family, and to the homeless.  Everyone should (and can) have a home to go to. 

Everyone has an adventure to live, and everyone needs courage, strength, and faith from the arms of the place they call home.

{And this Thanksgiving, why not thank those that have been “home” to you…you wouldn’t be who you are or where you are without them.}


4 thoughts on “being home {thanksgiving thoughts}

  1. Jen Lee! Amazing post and I’m glad you acknowledge those without that kind of home, this season should benefit them as much as it does the rest of us! I’m blessed to have such a home too and even another one that has you people (the church) in it! Drive carefully on your river of ice and be blessed!

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