walking life’s beaches

thinking of all life’s beaches i’ve walked…

and the significant moments they’ve played host to

…i cried out in brokenness on a beach

…i found true love on a beach

…i surrendered my desires & dreams on a beach

…i found freedom on a beach

…i was proposed to on a beach

…i found unspeakable joy & awe on a beach

and over all of life’s beaches….the white sandy ones and the jagged rocky ones,

i’ve had the most precious people to walk with…

{Barths, Krens, Lees-Lake Cascade 2010}

…thankful for these friends and all those that have walked life’s beaches with me.


One thought on “walking life’s beaches

  1. I just changed Andy Samberg’s “I’m on a boat” to “I’m on a beach” in my head. It’s funny. I’m on a beach as I write this. It’s a cold, wet beach too. But it’s Oregon, what can you do?

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