the big fat birthday week

I’m used to having babies during this week in August (Ellie-Aug. 19th and Olivia-Aug. 22nd)…finding myself thankful to have a few more months with little bubbers in the belly this time around!  Here are a few highlights from the girls actual birthdays…we are having their big “Backyard Campout” Birthday party with family & friends on Friday (post to come).

Ellie’s 6th Birthday-August 19th, 2010

Birthday Waffles

Special delivery at special does she feel!?

Lunch date...Sushi & Starbucks at her request. Sure beats school lunch!

Dinner at Red Robin with her besties {Kate, Micaiah, and Ryan}

2nd dessert at Krispy Kreme (after free bday sundae at Red Robin). (3) 6 yr old girls + an insane amount of sugar=not the best idea

Shopping on a sugar high at Build-A-Bear.

Olivia’s 3rd Birthday-August 22nd, 2010

Tea Party with her church preschool friends & teachers.

Turning 3 yrs old at a friend's cabin in Cascade, ID. Homeade wrapping paper, toys purchased at the local liquor work with you what you can find in the middle of nowhere!

Cupcakes with friends {Jack, Lindsay, Ellie, Olivia}

Halle quite possibly enjoyed her cupcake the most!

Any birthday at the beach is a good one! Lake Cascade

Sand castles at Lake Cascade. {Ellie, Jack, Gideon, Olivia, Halle}

Photo taken by the birthday girl. Great perspective...future photographer?


3 thoughts on “the big fat birthday week

  1. This was very nice…you have a great way with words. Thanks you for sharing your story about the young man in the restaurant. I wish more people (including myself) would stop and listen to the Holy Spirit more often, we just get so caught up in the things of the world,and to easy we forget that inner voice “The Holy Spirit” prompting us to Get Up and Move. Thanks. Ranae

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