POP QUIZ-Do you know this 1st Grader??

In celebration of Ellie returning to school last week, and her exciting beginning to First Grade, I thought a little quiz for you was in order.  See how well you know this First Grader…answers will be posted in the comments.  All answers are either True or False…good luck!

1.  Fashion is key to this 1st Grader.  So much so, that she strategically picks her outfit the night before, carefully folds, and places on her loft bed so she can be dressed before she even gets out of bed.  TRUE OR FALSE

2.  This 1st Grader took an apple to her teacher on the first day...but totally forgot to give said apple to the teacher until her mom reminded her after picking her up at the end of the day.  TRUE OR FALSE

3.  This 1st Grader has finally conquered the monkey bars…and has the blister on her hand to prove it!  TRUE OR FALSE

4.  This 1st Grader claims she is the BEST student because she always raises her hand and her teacher loves to call on her.  TRUE OR FALSE

5.  The little sister of this 1st Grader is soooo bored since her big sis went back to school that she has since created many imaginary friends to keep her busy throughout the day.  Her new best imaginary friend is “Angus” and her little sister often comes along for playdates. TRUE OR FALSE

6.  This 1st Grader felt so embarrassed on the first day of eating lunch in the cafeteria, because she forgot instructions and threw her food away in the recycling, that she since has requested to take a lunch to avoid another forgetful moment.  TRUE OR FALSE

7.  The mom of this 1st Grader surprisingly didn’t shed a tear on her first day, because she is so stinkin’ proud of this confident, beautiful, super smart 1st Grader.  However, she counts down the minutes til she gets to go pick her up from school…her favorite part of the day.

Be sure to post your test score in the comments:)


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