finding fun in january

it’s true…i’m not a big fan of january. but, we happened to find some fun, memorable moments hiding under the grey skies and frigid weather…

Steelheads Hockey Game-so exciting…they barely won in a shoot out!

Powell’s Candy Shop-from Abba Zabba’s to abnormally large PEZ…so nostalgic!

Super Intense & Competitive Scrabble game (I won:)

Late night makeovers by a 2,3, and 4 year old

and, Ellie’s half-way-through-the-year performance for the parents…i’m tellin’ ya, i think we have prima ballerina in the making!


4 thoughts on “finding fun in january

  1. Looks like fun!!! Can I join yawl next time??? Please? Huh, Huh? J/K An old foggie with all you younguns’. ;) What a great way to find some fun in the gloomy days of winter though when there’s no snow to have fun in. And yeah for you winning! I’m shocked that Krist didn’t win. :)Love and blessings to you sweet Jenn. See you Thursday!

  2. Your girls are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! What a blessed mama you are!I came across your blog from The Mother Letters Project blog. I know this is silly…but my daughter is in the Leelou Blogs cute baby photo contest and I am trying to spread the word for people to vote for her!! I need HUNDREDS of votes for her to even come close to catching up to the front-runners. I have been trying to figure out where to find hundreds of people, and I didn’t think it was approriate to ask Seth to post something so silly on The Mother Letters Blog (obviously), but I figured maybe all the people who helped with the project would be willing to go give my little Makenzie from AZ a vote : ) If not, that’s ok too. I am just trying to get creative and reach more people! If you’d like to help me by voting for Makenzie, please go to and spread the word for others to vote as well : )EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY THOUGH…I am also recruiting prayer warriors for a tiny little miracle baby named Kayleigh Freeman, maybe you’ve heard of her and are already praying for her. It was through her blog that I heard about the contest in the first place. Even if you don’t take the time to vote for Makenzie, please take a minute to visit HER website: and say a prayer for this sweet girl!THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!Sincerely,Daniele BrownPS- THE MOTHER LETTERS PROJECT is in NO WAY associated with this request other than the fact that I found your blog there!!

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