my current favorite olive-isms…

for those of you that know olivia, our little comedian, how could you not just love her! here are my favorite current “olive-isms”…

“i want loco” (I want lotion or I want yogurt)

“happy to you” (anytime she sees a candle of any kind, she wants to sing “happy bday”)

“mama, are you?” (anytime she’s feeling a little insecure and needs to know my location, even when i’m right in front of her sometimes)

“oh, happy day you wash my sin away” (clear as a bell, her favorite song)

anytime she hears music of any kind (yes, even the occasional hip hop) she throws her hands in the air and worships

“ya you” (holding up a fist, trying to sign “i love you”)

when you ask her “how old are you”, she says “two” and holds up her thumb and pointer finger (she’s only 1 and a half, by the way)

when you ask her “what’s my name” she usually says “Meggy”…but if she sees you, she will most likely say your name…she is crazy good at knowing people’s names

anytime she pretends to talk on a cell phone, she always talks to Papa

watch out, she’ll randomly grab your cheek really hard and say “kickle, kickle” (tickle, tickle)

she does what we call “silly bappy” (silly pacifier), and puts her pacifier in backwards

what’s your favorite olive-ism?


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