stinkin good gift idea #1

I’ve never been a good gift giver/receiver…but the one thing I truly appreciate in a gift is if it is soaked with creativity and thoughtfulness. This Christmas, I’m trying to think more about how I can say something more than “Merry Commercialism…i mean Christmas” with the gifts I give…something more along the lines of “your friendship has nurtured my life” or “could I adore you any more?”. Here is one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever seen…

A husband and wife have decided to handmake each other’s gifts this year. The husband wanted to do something that would encourage his wife of small children in this fulfilling and exhausting season of motherhood. He’s asking moms to send in letters of encouragement via the blog “The Mother Letter Project”. He’s going to compile all the letters and give them as a gift to his wife. Isn’t that a stinkin good (and super sweet and thoughtful) gift idea?


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