i think i know how annoyed God probably gets…

Tonight, I stopped on the way home to get some nutritious, delicious dinner for my girls…at Sonic Drive In. After ordering the “food”, I decided to head home and just feed the girls there (the food was entirely too hot and no sippy cup, etc). Sweet Olivia yelled at me the entire way home…as if I was going to make her starve. She wanted her food, and she wanted it now. I found myself saying, “Baby, I’ll feed you, I promise. Just not right now.” I had exactly what she needed, but couldn’t give it to her because I was protecting her. It was as if she didn’t trust me to wait…

So, how annoying it must be when I do this to God. I yell and complain. I too often don’t trust him…to wait.

Sure, she’s a 1 year old with an ego-centric worldview and no real sense of time…but I’m, unfortunately, not really that much different.


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