saturday morning finds

There’s one thing my family rallies around, themed birthday parties. And if you’re thinking of a zoo-themed bday party, this cake….well, takes the cake!

It’s a poo flinging monkey cake, complete with retractable arm that flings Raisenets! Genius!
Found at ohdeedoh.

If you’re like me, you might be desperate for a pedicure after a long summer wearing flip flops and being barefoot. Why not consider having tiny little carp eat all the dead skin off your feet? What in the world?????? Actually, this procedure is under question…hmmmm, wonder why. Read the article here.

Found at Rocks In My Dryer.

And last but not least…yesterday proved to be a “rough nap” day at my girls preschool. Four out of the five preschoolers (including my little “nap protester” herself) refused to take naps. So, here’s a suggestion to Miss Kate & Miss Kristi (Lord bless ’em for their patience!)…maybe you could hand-cuff them and threaten taking them to jail! Seriously?? Well, turns out this really happened, and what do ya know, the parents are suing.


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