pimp my pony

Here’s a trip down memory lane…it was 1985 and my neighbor and I spent hours with our “My Little Ponies”…combing the mane and tail, braiding the mane and tail, making them go swimming in our hot tub…for hours.

So, you can imagine my excitement when Hasbro brings ’em back…for my daughters to enjoy! Man, those toy companies are smart. Of course we’ll buy stuff for our kids that we played with when we were kids. But why make them have the big googly eyes?

Anywho, this is pretty cool. For the 25th Anniversary of My Little Pony, they decided to invite 25 designers, celebrities, and artists to design and one-of-a-kind pony, all blinged out. They will be auctioned off to be given to the charity, Give Kids the World Village.

So, what favorite toy from your childhood do you wish they’d bring back?


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