TF County Fair TOP 5

There’s nothing better than the sweet smells, interesting people, and hometown fun of the county fair…oh, and these things:

#5. Many impressive handlebar mustache specimens (Marc, you’d be proud).

#4. The 85 year old plus announcers that try to make the tractor pull display and model train exhibit sound attractive…but inevitably fail.

#3. The chance to play Bingo (I call it “Buttcrack Bingo” because most of the people are leaning forward intensely looking over their Bingo card not realizing the backside display us onlookers get to enjoy), and win a nice fleece blanket.

#2. The opportunity to buy cheap sunglasses…and at the same booth, an artistically airbrushed trucker’s hat with your name on it in beautiful, neon colors.

#1. The jaw dropping realization that my daughter has a little “honky tonk” in her…see evidence below.


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