hello, bloggosphere

…let me introduce myself, most people call me Olive or some variation of that. You’ve seen me from my big sis’ perspective on this blog, but I’ve recently turned 1 year old, and thus have found my blogging voice. Although, I mostly do animal sounds or say things like mama, dada, sissy, etc…you’ll be surprised that I actually have a quite extensive vocabulary in the world of blogging. I’m a lot different than my big sis, I’m pretty low drama, low maintenance and have decided to use humor to steal any needed attention. I look forward to providing my perspective of the world on this blog.

Oh, and I like to eat everything, including sand…




4 thoughts on “hello, bloggosphere

  1. You girls are getting so biG!!! I love reading your blog. I love to stay in the loop. I hope to see you all in person someday. Love and Blessings from North Idaho. Your cousin Sharah

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