Ms. Bug Cather and other Olympic Oddities…

Sure, these Olympics will be remembered for the outrageous opening ceremonies, Micheal Phelps record setting swimming, and the pre-pubescent Chinese gymnasts. But what about these fun contributions to making this the wackiest Olympics yet, found here. Some of the highlights:

-Water polo players wear bathrobes for introductions and hear the theme from “Jaws” as they go for the ball as games start.

-A crowd favorite at the beach volleyball venue, Ms. Bug Catcher, whose sole purpose is to watch for flocking moths that swarm the court as day turns to dusk, and do some martial arts on them with her trusty bug net.

-the lifeguards that are posted at the swimming and water polo sites…just in case?

-cheerleaders…at badminton? Come on, it could use a little excitement. But not for Xiao Xincui, who according to a news briefing, is 97, a grandmother and possibly the most avid badminton fan in the history of the sport. She reportedly traveled nearly 1,500 miles to watch the badminton matches. The news release said Xiao left her home in the Hunan Province in central China on March 5 and arrived in Beijing on April 11. It said that she rode a tricycle pedaled by her grandson, who wanted to thank her for raising him after his father died. Apparently, the two even secured coveted tickets to the 110-meter hurdles final.

I’m also enjoying the Chinese picks for the most riveting Olympic soundtrack in history, which include Madonna, the theme to “Ghostbusters”, and other American classics.

Could the Olympics be any more entertaining?


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