is this really my child?

My dad, being a sportsman and coach, ended up having four girls…I’m the youngest. Needless to say, I grew up catching fish, playing sports, camping, jumping off cliffs, dissecting frogs, and loving the outdoors. For some reason, we don’t think our children will be any different.
Enter my sweet Ellie. She’s a blonde bombshell that wears more makeup than me at 3 years old. She would wear a dress every moment of her life if I let her. My friends laugh at me because they can’t believe I’m the one that ended up with a princess, superstar, city girl. In Alaska, we kept asking her if she wanted to go catch a fish, and her response was always, “No, I need to stay at the cabin and do some work”, or “No, I don’t want it to flop around”. It was a struggle to convince her that those sandy, slimy shells on the beach were actually treasures. We finally talked her into going fishing the day before we left…and she actually enjoyed it! Didn’t touch it or anything, of course, and let Dad do all the work. But hey, it’s a start.


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