North to Alaska…How NOT to catch a halibut

My fam and I are headed to Glacier Bay, Alaska for summer vacation in just 12 days! In preparation, we’re whipping out some of our home videos of Alaska trips past, and came across this classic captured by my good friend KK. Here’s what our travel checklist is looking like:
-fishing coveralls with last year’s halibut slime…check
-fishing gaff (when really a harpoon should be used)…check
-green plastic garbage bucket to store fresh catch…check
-fishing guide with strong Oklahoma drawl (ie “keel”=”kill”) a.k.a. my dad…check
-small 16′ skiff that really should not be used to catch 100lb. plus fish in the pacific ocean…check
So, please watch the video and see how the action unwinds when your gear is not up to par and your experience is lacking…but I really couldn’t enjoy it any other way!


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