how to save a catepillar’s life…

imagine my excitement when i found a silly looking green thing crawling across our patio…ok, i’m not a big fan of bugs. but, it was interesting and my mom told me it was a caterpillar! we got out a big jar, filled it with dirt, bark, grass, and branches with leaves, and captured the caterpillar. we were so excited to watch this ugly bug make a cocoon, then turn into a beautiful butterfly! but then my mom decided to do some research…she found on the internet that caterpillars are very particular about the kind of leaves they eat, and would rather starve than eat the wrong kind. we couldn’t figure out what the darn thing liked to eat, so in our compassionate hearts, decided to free the little guy/girl. it was fun to have a new friend for a day!
If you capture a caterpillar, learn how to take care of it at Butterfly School!


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