The Namesake

Welcome to my creative outlet. I’ve been blogging in my head for the past year or so, and I’m running out of room. So, here it is…

The Namesake…
After many revisions (remember, in my poor cranium), I’ve decided on the title “Crayons In My Briefcase”. And here’s why…I headed out the door to the office one day and went through the mental checklist. “Computer…check. Cell phone…check. Starbucks…check. Crayons and coloring book to keep my three year old occupied during meetings…check.” I realized at that moment how ridiculously fulfilling my life is. I love everything about being a mom. The super fun moments and yes, even the hard moments. And I also love what (else) I get to do for the world (a.k.a my career) at Capital Christian Center. I wondered how many people are like me, and get to practice the skillful creativity it takes to love life as a working parent.

So, maybe you don’t enjoy your job but love being a parent. Maybe you don’t enjoy either. Maybe you have the privilege of working from home or your job is being a parent…whatever the combination…my cause is to focus on those brief pauses in the race pace of life, and offer some inspiring ideas that celebrate the fast-fleeting moments of childhood.

See ya soon…gotta go color with my three year old.


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