your 2007 Baking Champion!!

You’re looking at the 2007 CCC 4th of July Family Picnic Baking Contest Champion! That’s right, my first big win:) My mom couldn’t compete in the volleyball tournament this year (since she’s prego and all), and she really wanted something competitive to do…so she entered me in the Baking Contest. Most people said she cheated because she manipulated the judges with a really cute picture of me in my chef’s hat and apron, but I know those lemon bars were out of this world! Star spangled lemon bars were my award winning entry. And most of you know I have the gourmet kitchen to produce such high quality delectable desserts.

Other than perfecting my prize winning recipe, my summer has been super fun! Lots of swimming and playing outside…and enjoying my last couple months with my parents all to myself (I’m still excited for my baby sister, but not too excited for the attention she’ll probably get). My dad is teaching me how to play catch, and has made me a spaceball fan…but I’ll save that for another blog. Peace out!


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