Puffins, anyone???

I’ve been hard at work in my new kitchen (my grandpa built it for me) perfecting my “puffin” recipe. My mom makes me take a break every once in a while to make her a grande latte w/ sugar & whip in my new coffee machine, but other than that, this masterpiece consumes me…how do I make them fluffier, how do I make the fruit I use in them taste sweeter, how long do I cook them to make them that perfect golden brown?? I must get back to my creation…

Oh, and here’s my cooking tip of the day…

“Add autumn snap to oatmeal by infusing it with the flavors of fall. Cook cereal with a dollop of apple butter and a dash of cinnamon. Garnish each helping with currants, sautéed apples, and a drizzle of hot maple syrup and milk or cream.” (Okay, I got that from Martha).


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