my new best friend:)

move over boys…there’s a new girl in town! well, not quite new, over a month old now. I finally have a feminine friend, who just happens to be my other best friends little sister. i can’t even begin to tell you the things i’ve already dreamed up for me and my little princess friend, dreams of one day styling each other’s hair and playing dress up in our mom’s clothes. i’ve already been practicing with my mom’s heels…and I now understand better what my mom means when she says “come on elle, sometimes we have to sacrifice comfort for beauty”…she usually says this when shes squeezing my hair into tiny pigtails or yanking a shirt over my head. but as a soon to be woman (well, “soon” is relative, but I am only two-almost and don’t know what relative means) I will answer this call to leave behind comfort to become fashion forward and chic. and i am in constant communication (I call and text her all the time) with my friend “little jo” as to the latest handbag trends I saw in InStyle and who should next get voted off Project Runway…so, don’t worry gideon, bubba, and jack…I still love hanging out with ya and know I will inevitably someday be able to beat all ya’all at one on one, but am unexplainably excited that someone will finally be interested in taking care of babies and playing in the kitchen…


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