The Trip of a Lifetime!

Hey friends, I just flew in from Alaska…and boy are my arms tired:) We had a fabulous time in the most beautiful place I’ve seen, with huge mountains growing right up out of the ocean. Highlights for me included: walking in the ocean in my rubber boots…and falling in once, going out on Papa’s boat to get crabs, swinging and playing in the sandbox at the cabin, and occasional stops at the grocery store for ice cream and candy! We didn’t see any moose or bears, I do believe I saw a penguin lurking in the forest one time, though. I caught two fish, they were the ugliest creatures every created and I didn’t really like to get close to them. Grandma Midge fed me really good, so I think I put on a few pounds. My Nana and Ga came up and saw us, and we had a “flannelriffic” 50th birthday for Nana with a campfire on the beach. It was a really rough vacation with both sets of grandparents focusing all their attention on me. Fortunately, I was able to find things for all of them to do with me, and kept them all busy. It really was a great adventure, I hope I remember it when I grow up!


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